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Catie Cadge

Cara Evolutionary Astrology
Catie Cadge
Hi - I’m Catie. I have an astrological consulting business, Cara Evolutionary Astrology, in Santa Cruz, Ca. I am still finding direction after several long years of Pluto transiting my 10 and 11 H Capricorn stellium and now Neptune by transit is crossing my Pisces ascendant. In 2014, I met a Maya day keeper in the Highlands of Guatemala who changed my life at my Chiron return. I felt drawn to find a teacher and to commit myself to my work as a professional astrologer. This was after 30 years of nurturing a passion for astrology on the side, while I worked each day as a tenured college professor in Art History. I started studying in Steven Forrest’s AP program that spring, studied for several years, then finished his master class and certification in early 2016. Later that year, when there was a Solar eclipse on my natal 6th H Uranus, I began working professionally and I am now moving gradually into full-time work as an evolutionary astrologer. I love to write and teach - I have a Gemini Waxing Gibbous Moon! - so talk to me about *anything*, anything you like, as long as it is with passion. Wishing you many blessings for this UAC conference!

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